29 Oct

Internet Mobile Use To Increase to 75% Till 2017 – Report

Internet has grown out from laptops and computers. Today, it is more used on smartphones and tablets as compared to the latter. And according to the Zenith, a media buying agency, the use of internet on these newer devices will be 75% in 2017.

The current’s year prediction which came by the agency was that 71 percent of the internet usage will be on mobile phones and tablets. Not just this, as of 2018, the company predicted that advertising dollars as much as 60% will come from the advertising on mobile phones, reported by Zenith in its “Mobile Advertising Forecasts” on Thursday.

This 60% figure of expenditure of mobile advertising is predicted to cost $134 billion, which is obviously a lot more than spending on conventional methods such as advertising in newspaper, cinema, outdoor or in magazines, as said in the report.

Moreover, the agency – Zenith had this estimated that advertising on mobile globally to be $71 billion in 2016.

Dollars are shifting to digital world and marketers are seeking brilliant opportunities to shift to Facebook, Snapchat and Google where a big market can view ads.

Scott Singer, managing director and digital marketer from DDG Inc said that "In four years, you've gone from 40 percent to 70 percent (of total internet use) in mobile,".

He also said that media and entertainment businesses are the most to benefit from investing dollars in the ads on social media websites.

Mobile data consumption is the best for bringing the content and digital dispersal for viewership and telecommunication companies are making the best use of it. They believe that video and content can play a vital role to attract viewers through powerful advertising and also increase their revenue.

Such is the case of AT&T which is planning to purchase Time Warner Inc for a value of $85.4 billion to enter content distribution. On the other hand, Verizon is all set to buy Yahoo Inc – an internet company.