27 Oct

5G Connection Soon To be Seen by Samsung Operators!

Guess what, Samsung and Korea Telecom are on the verge to bring the world’s first – the 5G Network!

Not a rumor boy!

It’s a reality. With the initiation of conducting test for 5G network, the possibility could turn into a reality soon. Built on connecting technologies of 5G, the connection was setup to test on a network which was done in South Korea at the Samsung Electronic Digital City Campus.

Not like the previous tests, Samsung this time made use of given by the PyeongChang special group for 5G network. Earlier it was through the prototypes which were used by Samsung in terms of base stations. This special group termed as SIG consists of different vendors as operators of telecom from different parts of the world.

The benefit of not using prototypes and demonstrating on specifications will help the commercial networks to operate 5G in future easily. This test has paved way for the country to be the first to open up 5G in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games of PyeongChang.

Head of Division at KT, Sungmok Oh says, “KT will continue its efforts to test 5G inter-operability between multiple vendors through 2016, while working towards deployment of a test network for in-depth verification in 2017”

The criteria of the test?

The criteria of the test were based on bringing together full wireless links through the use of 28 GHz spectrum. Not just this, the complete demonstration of security protocols, obligation of IP addresses and opening up of virtualized 5G central network.


To sum up, the tests have proved worthy and Korea will see 5G in 2018 after which US and UK will see it in 2020. So get into the right gear and sit tight to see the world’s first 5G and in the Winter Olympic Games of Korea – 2018!