26 Oct

FREE Wi-Fi Internet to Open at Different Locations in Multan

Great news for the residents of Multan City. With free Wi-Fi to be made available in different parts of the city, people can now use internet just anywhere.

The news put forward by many locals, the district administration of the city of Multan has now decided that Wi-Fi devices to be placed in different city areas to cope up with the challenges of the century.

The move though a good one will also bring about challenges for the district administration as Internet could be used either ways; positively or negatively. In even the most metropolitan cities like New York, the issue of people using internet to watch sexually-explicit content remains at a high note.

On the other hand, the internet resource is renowned, positive application and usage will provide people ease being anywhere.

Installation Sites?

Currently there are 30 locations at which the Wi-Fi devices are installed including Ghanta Ghar, Damdama, Art Council, Kachehri and different hospitals.


The idea to install internet devices at different locations of the city is a great one. For e.g., having the device in a hospital or museum is a necessity to allow the doctors with doctors, patients with doctors and vice versa to remain connected with each other. This brings about a challenge for the district administration to provide high speed internet at all times as well as enormous data allocation to allow it to work at all times.

The idea to allow each user to use internet for a specific time is followed at Dubai airport which restricts over usage of it. When the limit is over, you can access the internet through Wi-Fi but only after paying.

Any Other Cities?

There is a great chance that metropolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore be opened with Wi-Fi available at different locations but it might take little time to get this done. But Islamabad / Rawalpindi might see this facility soon opened up with the administration’s hand as the most crucial in the task.

As for the speed of the internet in Multan, it is still not known how Wi-Fi spots will operate in the city. Let’s keep our hopes high!