25 Oct

Samsung To Launch Trade-In Plan For Galaxy Note 8 and S8

Samsung must be going through a rough patch because of Galaxy Note’s launch. It’s what we call hard luck in the business world. But do you think Samsung will abandon its operations just because of one such distasteful experience? Not exactly, Samsung Note 8 and S8 will be launching soon and the users who brought Note 7 will be provided with a trade-in program.

The trade-in option was very much in thoughts when Samsung announced the recall of Note 7. After all, this is the better way to change the affected models. Once the S8 will be launched, users with Note 7 will be able to replace it with the newer model by paying half of the retail price.

This particular offer is valid, so far, for the South Korean market. Later on, this offer will be introduced to the other markets as well, based on the release of Note 8.

This will cost Samsung approximately a sum of 17 billion US Dollars (in lost sales) and estimated 3 billion dollars in the last quarter specifically.