25 Oct

Apple’s New 13-inch & 15-inch Mac Coming this Thursday

Many of you have already heard news about astounding features which Apple’s upcoming product will incorporate but none of the news is more interesting which I will reveal in a while.

It was Saturday when the report from KGI Securities published through 9to5Mac came. According to it, there will be three models of new MacBook which will be opened up by Apple on 27th October.

The three models differentiating includes one normal 13-inch MacBook, a Pro version of 13-inch MacBook and a 15-inch new MacBook Pro version. It is to note that the rumors from other sources had been focusing only on outdated version of the device, this specifically from KGI is a distinct and known report.

Additionally, as per the report, the lappies will also include other upgrades but no listed details have been provided.

If you are a fan of MacBook, then this event will be the best to know about Apple’s inventions. Mesmerizing feature changes like the OLED touchpad over the keyboard is one standalone thing that many will love, but to this day, the company hasn’t given hints over anything. So let’s just sit and wait for the event to kick off on Thursday.