20 Oct

Facebook Plans Something New For Recommendations

Facebook is known for social media information; Google is all about web search. Whenever you are looking for recommendations from friends and colleagues, it is Facebook that you mostly rely upon. When it comes to finding places on maps and routes then Google is your savior in most of the cases. Facebook has a new plan. This plan will take on Google in local recommendations for hotels, events, music concerts or plays etc. In this plan, your friends and contacts will help you rate and recommend you about the places on your social media profile.

The procedure will be like updating a status asking about which place to visit for finest Pakistani food in any choice of area and then Facebook will ask your friends to select the locations for your friends. Later, once the locations will be submitted by your contact list, those locations will be separately on the map on your Facebook app.

At one end, Google masters the art of recommendations from all over the region, Facebook will target on friend’s recommendation it will be supported by friends and contacts not by any random people. In addition to that there will be more features like buying of movie tickets, requesting of appointments, ordering food etc. Plus, the app will also showcase the most voted and popular recommendations by your contacts.