19 Oct

Are You Ready for Google Flight?

If you find it hectic to book your flights then you need to book them online but even in that situation it is pretty tedious to book flights online. Keeping this issue in focus, Google is planning to launch a new feature which will be available in its upcoming update. This feature is named Google Flight. This will be helpful for many users who are looking for a genuine and reliable service that provides the details regarding the flights.

Notifications will be sent to the users who plan to book flights. Information like fares, expiration date and changes in any category will be updated on Google Flight. Emails will be sent in case, users want to get notified for any update or change. Another important feature of Google Flight is that, users will be able to search for flights based on desired route and prices.

As far as the release of Google Flight is concerned, it is expected in a few weeks which mean that in the next update, users will be able to experience and explore it. Till then we can only wait for this interesting Google Flight.