18 Oct

Data Saver Mode for Facebook

Facebook is a rage. It is used by almost everyone and this is the reason why there is constant up-gradation from the team of Facebook so as to keep users happy and satisfied with the entire Facebook experience. Recently, it is in buzz that Facebook will be launching Data Saver mode. Currently it is in testing phase.

As for now, this particular feature is tested on Android version of the App in beta. One can expect the readiness of users to explore it once it will be out and about. The market of Facebook is very fertile and this feature will be welcomed positively.

Currently, whatever is sent via contacts is saved automatically. In future, there will an option given to download the data whether it is video, image or any other file. User will also be able to find out how much data is saved against their account. Plus, you will have the option to reset all the data that is previously saved by you. Currently, the date of the release of Facebook Data Saver is unknown but it is expected that the day it will be launched, it will be readily expected by the users all around the world.

Facebook has a good market presence and this is a good sign that it keeps on coming out with interesting and new features for the benefits of the user. After all, it is all about keeping your customers and users satisfied.