Navaid Zafar Ansari

City Karachi
Skills Web Application Security, Digital Forensic, Network Forensic, Risk Assessment, Source Code Reviews, Secure Coding, IS Audit

An experienced information security professional having extensive experience in IT Security Assurance and Advisory Engagements with a range of experience in public and private sector focus on Technology Risks, Governance, IS Audit, Information security, Cyber security assessment, penetration testing, application secure code review , Project Management and Stress Testing.


Mine Passion!

Success is always achieved once a person has that passion to make his dreams turn into reality and puts all his efforts to attain it. It is well said, "A true dream is one that never lets you sleep.” I have this passion where I can give my best performance & skills for improvement of organization & self by learning new skills & enhancing my knowledge. I am a team player and a quick learner. I am quite interested in technological advancements. Apart from these technological interests, I am fond of reading technology related articles by way of using different social media as they have become an important source of information and a way to connect people and businesses .As far as my social life and friends are concerned, I believe that have less but the best. I believe in quality more than quantity for both aspects, socially and professionally. 


Mine Academics!

InfoSec specialist whose qualifications include a postgraduate degree in Computer science Which I have from PAF Karachi Institute of Economics and technology. As being always wanted to keep myself abreast of the latest IT Security related trends and knowledge. I have completed several certifications during my job Tenure and attended numerous professional development workshops to enhance my leadership skills & knowledge. The certifications I have completed are OSCP, CPTC, CDFE, CNFE, CPTE, CSWAE and MCP (SQL). Further, I am well versed with industry best practices and information security, risk, governance and compliance standards including ISO 27001, NIST Cyber security etc.