Mehwish Abdul Sattar

City Dubai
Skills Entrepreneurship, Consultancy, Brand Management, Animations, Training, Online Marketing, Blogging, Website Designing and Development, Online Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimization

Tremendously experienced IT professional, Adventurer, Marketer, Maker of brands, Winner of awards such as Brand of the Year, Azm-e- Alishan, Blog Award and Youngest Lady Entrepreneur of Pakistan. As a CEO, Director and Leader, it’s Mehwish’s job to keep things running smoothly at her IT companies. Huge fan of Margaret Thatcher’s philosophy and leadership style. Mehwish believes women entrepreneurs are conquering the world and are more likely to get things done. Loves to travel and foodie at heart. Eats a lot when stressed.

Ms. Mehwish Abdul Sattar has years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry in helping clients to align IT strategies with corporate strategic objectives across all departments, divisions, and locations. She has developed and implemented strategic IT system solutions for effective and efficient electronic marketing and data storage system.