29 Dec

001 Open Mic TECH Meetup: Technology Enthusiast

Karachi: On Saturday, 21st Oct, TECH Pakistan called out its first meet-up in Karachi at The Millennium University College TMUC Karachi. The meet-up follows an open mic session; giving voice to individuals from diversified backgrounds to talk on a mutual topic that "How technology has impacted your life?" 30 individuals have become the part of this interactive session: Mr. Kanwal Masroor Mr. Zeeshan Rehman Mr. Usama Sheikh Mr. Syed Rashid Jamall Mr. Syed Azfar Hussain Mr. Shehzad Rah Mr. Ubaid Younus Mr. Syed Abdul Qadir Mr. Rizwan Khan Mr. Zia-ul-Islam Mr. Arsalan Hashmani Dr. Owais Hassan Mr. Hassam Sohail Ahmed Mr. Salman Mr. Bilal Khan Mr. Abdullah Mr. Abdul Ghani Mr. Sohail Mr. Haroon Q. Raja Mr. Asif Iqbal and Ms. Rahat Kamal