Pakistan is a very fertile country. Individuals with skyrocketing ambitions and unmatched skills are searching for the right chance to take their names and Pakistan’s economy to the next level. According to a detailed review and analysis conducted by TECH Pakistan, the Information Technology (IT) industry of Pakistan faces a substantial gap to train and support the budding talent of Pakistan’s market. This is certainly a big concern for those who are headed towards the growth and sustainability of the financial state and development of Pakistan.

TECH Pakistan has taken this task very seriously and is focused to bridge the gap between burgeoning talent and the corporate level mentors, including organizations. TECH Pakistan is intensively working on the ways with the help of which youngsters, professionals and skilled individuals can be trained, introduced and connected with the giants of business world, targeting both local and international opportunities (by reaching out to expats as well).

TECH Pakistan aims to provide righteous guidance to everyone who has potential talent and can dedicatedly and single-mindedly, but rationally introduce growth intensive ideas and plans. Usually, in Pakistan many ideas cannot execute due to the financial constraints faced by the talented and skillful resource; here TECH Pakistan steps in and makes sure that the ides should be pitched to the right direction and personnel in order to get support, whether skill based of monetary support.

TECH Pakistan has many companies and trainers on board who are closely knitted to promote the talented individuals to take the IT industry of Pakistan to another level of success and growth. The framework created and followed by TECH Pakistan is for the betterment and significance of Pakistan’s information technology industry. TECH Pakistan is open to shake hands and welcome both the sectors Private and Public, with only one emphasis and that is to boost Pakistan’s IT industry and people associated with this very industry. Tech Pakistan is all about redefining and reshaping the IT industry of Pakistan, for an improved and glorious tomorrow.

TECH Pakistan offers many services and objectives to professionals, individuals and organizations, explore all about them here:

  1. Training & Awareness
  2. Seminars
  3. Corporate Training
  4. Developing HUB
  5. Providing platform to startups and students
  6. Educating the rights & regulations
  7. Mentoring startups
  8. Meetups
  9. Exhibitions
  10. Collaborations
  11. Partnerships
  12. Guiding & helping upcoming talent
  13. Volunteers
  14. Helping in IT Infrastructures
  15. Developing Industry
  16. Ideas & Concepts
  17. Memberships for
    1. Software houses
    2. Digital Agencies
    3. ICT companies
    4. Entrepreneurs
    5. Domain & Hosting Companies
    6. MIS Departments of SME/Corporate businesses
    7. Web Development Companies
    8. Students & Startups
  18. Digital Certification for Websites
  19. Providing International opportunities
  20. and many others

Objectives :

  1. Introduce and promote new trends and innovation in technology.
  2. Provide a platform for startups to get mentorship, guidance and resources.
  3. Increase awareness of intellectual property rights & regulations of Technology and allied industry.
  4. Generate awareness in Corporate sector about global best practices.
  5. Highlight and recognize local talent and success stories.
  6. Forge partnerships and alliances to provide international markets access to technology companies and professionals.
  7. Establish strong link between the academia and Industry.
  8. Conduct acceleration programs to take SMEs to next level enterprises.